Thursday, June 3, 2010

Coming Out of Denial

May be I'll never fall in love again
May be the wound is never going to heal
And may be the scars will always remain
While this love will never get its due
I'll always want you
The way I've always wanted you

The fragrance of your body lingers around my head
Words play in a loop repeating what you last said
While my mind was unable to comprehend
My heart was unable to come to terms with what I read
Like the waves that never make it to the shore
I got consumed and couldn't be your friend any more

Was I blind to love you true?
How I dont mind remaining blind
You dont even have a clue
If there is only one last thing
That I can have from this life
I'd want one last hug from you
But a wish is just a wish
Mine rarely comes true

No drug got me high the way your kisses did
That intoxication completely blew off my lid
Its painful to be so far away and think about you
But its a sweet pain, atleast I get to think of you
I was longing for you to love me back
And for a moment I felt it too!
Perhaps time didnt hear me I wanned more
Cause it turned away leaving me on the cold floor

Sweet memories from you is what I'll cherish
Rest will be forgotten like gibberish
Your face is stuck to my conscious mind
Into the oblivion my soul wants to perish
I know love will find you soon again
But please dont forget me until then!
While my heart is broken into uncountable pieces
Sending you all my hugs and kisses

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